Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten

30th November 2019
9am - 4pm


Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten

30th November 2019
9am - 4pm

Raise Your Child With A Strong Bilingual Head Start For Lifelong Success

Dear Parents,

Do you know that early childhood is the best possible time to learn a second language?

Studies have shown that children who experience two languages from a very young age have a much higher chance of becoming effectively bilingual, while older children tend to struggle with learning a second language well.

What’s more, it is a fact that being fluent in Mandarin is a great asset for your child to thrive in a future Asian-dominated global economy.

If this is an everyday scenario that your child is facing, it is time to give your child the right foundation in learning Mandarin before it is too late. This will help set your child up for success in school and life.

If your child is between 2 (turning 3 during the year) and 6 years of age, this is your best and most precious window of opportunity to start laying a strong Mandarin language foundation to secure your child’s future.

However, with so many pre-schools out there, how can you decide which centre is most suitable for your family, your child and preparing for the future.


You are invited to Chengzhu Mandarin
Kindergarten’s Open House

To help you make the best decision for your child, you and your child are invited to Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten’s Open House for a school tour!

Come and experience the Chengzhu difference

Your child will be immersed in an engaging and vibrant Chinese environment conducive to naturally acquiring the language while learning and developing social, cognitive and physical skills in a well designed preschool programme.

About Chengzhu
Mandarin Kindergarten

Top 3 Common Myths that Impede your
Child’s Ability to be Fluent in Mandarin

Myth #1: There is no need for my child to learn Mandarin so early as he will to learn it later during formal education.

The Truth: It is true that your child will learn Mandarin as a second language upon entering primary school. However, the difference lies in his ability to grasp the language because the lesson will be more academically-focused in primary school. This often puts stress on the child, which can hinder his interest and learning ability in Mandarin. Also, if your child does not achieve the grades that he is expected to, this will lead to loss of interest, low self-esteem and lack of confidence in grasping Mandarin. This is the last thing anyone wants!

Myth #2: The curriculum used for teaching is not important and does not impact my child’s ability to learn Mandarin.

The Truth: This cannot be further than the truth as the teaching curriculum and the teacher’s ability to engage and motivate the children play a big part in determining the success of your child’s ability to learn Mandarin. Children learn when they are happy, secure, motivated, encouraged and engaged.  

At Chengzhu, we focus on providing an immersive Chinese environment, which includes many engaging activities where the children can be fully involved, including drama, music and cultural arts, e.g. Chinese calligraphy and poetry. This cultivates a genuine and lasting interest in your child to learn the language in a fun way. 

Myth #3: Learning Mandarin is most effective through rote-learning method, i.e. memorisation.

The Truth: When children are young they learn best through meaningful activities they are actively involved in. Rote learning does not develop understanding and children will not use a language they do not understand.    

At Chengzhu, your child gets to learn in a more natural way through listening and speaking. By being able to articulate thoughts orally, your child will also become better at writing later, because he can form more accurate sentences with a better vocabulary he fully understands.  


Chengzhu’s Programmes

Chengzhu’s kindergarten curriculum has been specially designed to provide your child with quality pre-school education conducted by well qualified and experienced Mandarin preschool teachers.

Your child will have ample opportunities to explore and discover the world around him as well as his talents and strengths, in the following areas:


Chinese Cultural Arts

With specialist teachers to teach Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting, Chinese dance, poetry, brush painting (水墨画) and Chinese cuisine, your child will develop a natural appreciation for Chinese culture and language.



Our programme is designed to immerse children in language-rich environment. Through speech and drama, songs, games, stories and engaging conversation, children are drawn into the activities and absorb the language. A systematic literacy scheme develops both reading and writing, enabling the children to be able to communicate through speech and writing.



Our Maths programme is in line with the learning outcomes stipulated by the Ministry of Education, which provides opportunities for your child to practice, problem-solve and consolidate ideas and concepts.

Your child will also get to explore the 5 strands of mathematical development that progressively increase in complexity as he moves through the pre-school years. These 5 strands are: Numbers and Operations, Shapes and Space, Pattern and Function, Measurement and Data Handling. Our curriculum developers have structure the curriculum along the same format as the Chiltern House Mathematics programme, which has been very successful in building up the children’s knowledge and skills.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic will also be taught, as both have strong cultural significance in Chinese Mathematics.


Physical Education

With focus on your child’s development of gross and fine motor skills, your child will get to participate in a variety of activities to develop co-operation and team work. He will also benefit from better fitness, agility and co-ordination, while improving social skills.



As a Ministry of Education requirement we conduct a daily session in English for Kindergarten One and Two. Our English curriculum is specially designed by specialists from Chiltern House Preschool, with a variety of activities that focus on speaking and listening, vocabulary building and reading and writing skills. The aim of this is to ensure the children have developed the required literacy skills to succeed in Primary one.


Why Choose Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten?


Well-Qualified Teachers

With our team of teachers from Singapore, China and Taiwan, they are qualified in early childhood education and trained in using EduDrama®’s teaching methodology to develop your child’s confidence and bring out his/her strengths.

Small Teacher-to-Child Ratio

With 2 teachers to 12 children for N1 and N2, and 2 teachers to 14 children for K1 and K2, your child will get ample attention and guidance from the teachers.

Strong Parent Partnerships

Parents as partners is a key belief at all Julia Gabriel Education centres. We provide opportunities for teachers to work closely with your child. This means there will be bonding and a close relationship with parents. This is vital for your child’s successful pre-school years.

Conducive Environment

Your child will be learning in a clean, safe environment where the constant exposure to warm teachers and excellent Mandarin language models will lead to each child absorbing the language naturally and effortlessly.

At Chengzhu, we believe that every child is special and deserves the best head start towards future academic success and success in life.

Make the right choice to give your child the best gift of learning another language in an enjoyable and fun way which brings positive memories and lasting impact on their lives.

Online Exclusive Open House Offer

Enjoy up to 15% discount when you sign up during the Open House!*

See you and your child at Chengzhu Mandarin Kindergarten’s Open House!

30th November 2019
9am - 4pm

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